Uniting the Conservative Movement


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Uniting the Conservative Movement
The Blackpiller
Written by The Blackpiller

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This article was submitted to us by The Blackpiller and represents a deep dive into his thoughts on the differing ideological opinions that he has identified on the right. He also outlines his views on the availability of compromises that could help people on the right of the political conversation to present a more unified front, with a view to greater success in the propagation and acceptance of ideas in the mainstream.

We had some interesting conversations about where we thought he was right and where we might have disagreed. If any of these positions represent your view, are the compromises suggested amenable to you? Let us know what you think.


Uniting the Conservative Movement

Over the many years talking to those on the right or in the conservative movement, I have come to the realisation that there is fundamentally a deep rift within the conservative movement in the United States and Britain. Fundamentally if the right is going to have any chance of defeating the left not just at elections (which the so-called centre-right parties are quite good at) but in the Culture War, then these fundamental divisions must be resolved. If the right is divided then this allows the left to more easily defeat, and to gang up on, the right when we are more isolated. Another problem is that when the different factions of the left are united (and especially when those on the right are not) they are able to present more unanimous policies and better able to communicate their message across the nations of the world.

In contrast, if even as little as 10% of the conservative movement agree with the left on a particular reform or policy this will confuse the public about the position the right is taking, and cause the public to default to the left wing position on any issue. The reason for this is that conservatives come across as incoherent compared to the left. Also, if the right aren’t as united as the left as a movement, then this will cause the centre-right parties of the western world to drift leftwards to cater to their demands, and ignore the contradictory demands of the conservative movement, who cannot agree on anything.

The left is not immune from this problem, but it suffers a slightly different one to the right. Fundamentally, as Curtis Yarvin says in his blog Unqualified Reservations:

“Progressives always find it easy to agree - as you might have noticed, their disputes are almost always over either tactics or personalities, almost never over principles.”

There are exceptions to this such as nationalising certain currently privately run industries, although progressives universally agree on the need for more regulation of business and industry. Progressives are also divided in foreign policy between left-wing neo-conservative humanitarian liberal interventionists keen on war on terror measures and foreign wars, and its wet and pacifist faction who disagree with pretty much all wars apart from regimes that are seen as far-right dictatorships, such as against the Nazis or Mussolini's Italy during WW2 (I can’t think of any other examples really). There are a few more disagreements over issues such as the level of progressive taxation, tuition fees, transgenderism, although they are quite rare and even quite limited to a minority within the current modern progressive movement in the West.

However, disagreement among the right is endemic and if you don’t believe me then I will demonstrate the level of disagreement in three tables. The first table shows the small amount of agreement that the right do share on various principles, policies and policies and principles they are against. The second table shows the numerous examples of disagreement between the right but with a third way/compromise position in the middle. The third table shows more disagreements with no compromise found between the two positions and I would welcome ideas for compromise on these issues. I also have a list of other interesting ideas that the right could adopt at the bottom which couldn’t be easily categorised as hardcore or moderate. I’ve also left a partially incomplete list of policies from Oh-Wines interesting manifesto from Al Shire Tory’s stream. It offers some very good policies as well and I hope you also have some more suggestions.

Policy Agreements

Fundamental things Hardcore Conservatives and Moderate Conservatives agree on
We should be against Multiculturalism and in favour of Monoculturalism
Against pretty much all Hate Speech and Hate crime laws
For Repealing Equality Act 2010 and against anti-discrimination laws
For Repealing the Communications Act 2003
For Repealing Public Order Act 1986
Tuition fees/free University debate. It is merely a row over which way to wreck what is left of our good universities. The perfectly sensible idea that the whole point of universities is that they should be restricted only to the very clever is not even considered. They have become yet another way of disguising youth unemployment and of trying to make up for the fact that our primary and secondary schools are useless. So Conservatives are against the 50% University target.
Introduce more incentives to encourage heterosexual monogamous married families. Use pro-natal policies as well.
Against all forms of historical ancestral reparations.
Against High taxes on Wealth and Income.
Generally in favour of lower taxes during normal times.
In favour of deregulation.
In favour of scaling back the role and influence of trade unions.
Against Critical Race Theory and in favour of measures to combat it.
Against Political Correctness and Wokeness.
Against Voting rights for Prisoners.
Against the tearing down of Historical statues that the Woke mob disapproves of.
Against the more extreme New Atheist and Secular movements which want to disestablish the Church of England.
Against Euthanasia.
Against all forms of Rent Control.
Against Roussean Child-centered Education.
Against Cultural and moral Relativism.
Against Equality of Outcome.
Against Eminent Domain as it is a direct attack on Property Rights.

Policy Disagreements, With a Compromise

Hardcore Right wing positionSynthesis with the aim of a CompromiseModerate Right-wing Position
Censor, persecute or banish the left and people you disagree with.Introduce a Free Speech Act based on the first amendment.Maintain the status quo on legislation.
Scrap the BBC licence.Reduce the the Size of the BBC to a minimal and tiny position by scrapping all its radio stations and extra channels. So only BBC radio one, BBC One and BBC news remain.Preserve the BBC but introduce more Rightwing and Conservative figures as heads of Ofcom and as heads of the BBC.
Abolish Corporation Tax.Lower corporation tax to 15% now to help businesses during the pandemic and then Raise it to 19% in 2023 again.Raise Corporation tax from 19% to 25% in 2023.
Do nothing about Climate Change and dismiss it as Junk science.Introduce Nuclear Energy to combat Climate Change.Introduce wind turbines and solar panels to combat climate change.
Withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights.Withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights and introduce a British Bill of Rights similar to the ECHR but less politically Correct than it.Maintain the status quo on legislation.
Cut all immigration to the UK and introduce repatriation measures to reduce the amount of foreigners in the country.Introduce a points based immigration system and reduce UK immigration to pre-Blair levels.Have a lax immigration system and let millions of people form Hong Kong live in the UK.
Increase measures to combat the use of drug use and its sale.Maintain the status quo on legislation.Legalise marijuana and other drugs in the UK for sale in the market.
Against legalising or decriminalising prostitution.Maintain the status quo on legislation.In favour of legalising or decriminalising prostitution.
Introduce Grammar Schools or Privatise the entire school system.Introduce more Grammar schools but not explicitly. Say you are reforming the schools to make them more like Germany. Privatise more schools and introduce school vouchers.Expand the academy programme introduce by Michael Gove or introduce a semi-school voucher system.
Hard Brexit.Maintain the status quo.Soft Brexit.
Take the Swedish approach to Lockdowns/ oppose all lockdown restrictions.Take the Chris Snowden moderate lockdown attitude and be firmly pro-Taiwan for their response to the coronavirus.Firmly pro-lockdown and pro New Zealand for their policy response towards the coronavirus.
Firmly against vaccinating the population against Covid and opposed to all attempts to impose vaccine passports digital or physical in the UK by the government or private business.Encourage people to get vaccinated against Covid while opposing a government mandated vaccine passport but not opposing one implemented by private businesses.For Covid vaccinations by imposing a digital or physical vaccine passport like which would bar people from entering into public places.
Let Shamima Begum back in the UK but give her a life sentence.Maintain status quo.Let Shamima Begum back in the UK.
Against devolution in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.Set up a Scottish Unionist Party committed to challenging and ousting the SNP. Closely monitor Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru or any independence activity and form cross Party alliances to combat it.For the Status quo on devolution.
Pro-waterboarding.Only Use Waterboarding in certain circumstances when a civilian life is immediate danger and information gained from torture should be used by Governments and courts.Anti-torture.
Pro anti-terror laws.The Right should be pro-anti terror laws if they are to combat Islamic or left wing terrorism but secretly.Pro-civil liberties.
Pro-mass surveillance and anti Assange and Snowden.Pro-limited surveillance on suspected terrorists and criminals after getting permission from court to spy. Lessen the sentences on Assange and Snowden.Against-mass surveillance and pro-Assange and Snowden.
Against trial by jury.Maintain status quo.For trial by jury.
Encourage patriotism within the culture by making the British flag more visible and returning to singing of the national anthem in theatres, football matches and schools.Take the current Tory Party position of promoting the flag and mandate that the British flag be shown on Government owned property.Suspicious of the government trying to promote patriotism and against the government promoting the British flag or patriotism due to suspected ulterior motives.
Against transgenderism and would ban all transitioning and exclude transgender people from the country.Firmly against Transitioning below the ages of 18 and the use of women spaces by transgender individuals who have not fully transitioned but all for consenting adults to transition.Pro transgenderism but against multiple gender identities.
Abolish the Electoral Commission.Reform the Electoral Commission so more conservative and right wing people get into the higher positions.Preserve the Electoral Commission.
Against a new 5G network and Huawei.Introduce a new 5G network and Huawei but exclude it from security or essential public services in the UK.for a new 5G network and Huawei.
For abolishing the UK Supreme Court and reinstating the final court of appeals.Take the Tory Party position to set up a Royal Commission “to look at the relationship between courts, parliament and the government”.Against Abolishing the UK Supreme Court.
Mainly in favour of Stop and Search powers for the police to prevent crime on the streets.Adopt a Broken Windows method of policing by strictly enforcing laws against petty crimes to Prevent Crime on the Streets.Mainly in favour of Preventative Police foot patrolling to prevent crime on the streets.
Against no-fault divorce and for strengthening marriage in law.Introduce more tax breaks for married couples.For privatising marriage or maintaining the status quo of no fault divorce.
Against Britain giving international aid and for abolishing the Foreign aid budget.Maintain the Tory position of keeping foreign aid at 0.5% while making that foreign aid is carefully spent on improving and saving lives.For Overseas aid being raised to 0.7% of GNI.
Against all forms of Affirmative Action.Maintain all the bans on discrimination based on race and gender but take remove them for ethnicity and sexual orientation since it comes into conflict with Religious freedom and Conscience. Be for the admission of different groups on a voluntary and organic basis instead of quotas.Against quotas but finds taking race into account acceptable for admissions. For temporary 25 year voluntary affirmative action programmes in Universities, Colleges and companies until an equal balance has been achieved in the institution.
Against the WHO and funding itAdopt Trumps position of breaking away from the WHO and setting up a rival organisation along with Britain.For the WHO and funding it.
Wants to ban abortion.Reduce the 24 week limit on abortions to 16 weeks.Wants to maintain the status quo on abortion law in the UK.
Against Sex Education and Relationships education.Allow Parents to opt-out of any of these lessons and don’t pressure them into getting their children to attend these lessons if they don’t want to. Also Allow private and independent, Religious schools to opt-out of doing these as well.For Sex Education and Relationships education.
For more spending on the defence especially the Navy to update equipment and to ensure we can defend overseas territory.Maintain the status quo on military spending and welcome the Tories £16.5 billion increase for the military.Takes the Libertarian Position that we should cut our spending on defence to reduce the budget deficit.
Against the Northern Irish Good Friday Agreement.Ignore the Good Friday Agreement but Support the DUP in keeping Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom and combat any resurgence in movements for independence.For the Northern Irish Good Friday Agreement.
Unconcerned about CEO pay and inequality.Threaten companies and CEOs with higher taxes if they are woke or become more woke and tackle the inequality between North and South in the UK.Against CEOs being paid to much and against income and wealth inequality.
For Military intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somali, Libya, Syria, Russia and Iran.Intervene only when Genocide is taking place such as in Rwanda or when Britain or our NATO allies are being attacked.Isolationist stance and against Military intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somali, Libya, Syria, Russia and Iran.
For the Trident Nuclear Programme.Replace the Trident Nuclear Programme with cheap land missile Nukes and use the extra money to reduce the deficit or spend on other parts of the military.Against the Trident Nuclear Programme.
Against Nanny State policies.Take a pragmatic approach by discouraging Smoking, alcohol consumption but encourage Vaping for smokers as a substitute. Abandon nanny state policies directed at food for adults but encourage healthy eating among the young.For Nanny State policies.
For Privatising the NHS.Adopt Peter Hitchens pragmatic position on solving the health of the nation to ease pressure on the NHS.In favour of the NHS.
In favour of unrestricted and unfettered free trade.Accept that Protectionism is an essential tool of deterrence that states must keep at hand, it is not in itself a source of prosperity.In favour of protectionism to protect our domestic industries.
Abolish the Welfare State.Reduce the size of the welfare state and decrease benefits.In favour of a substantial welfare state.
Fiercely pro-Monarchy and the Royal family.Select an elderly Regent after Queen Elizabeth dies instead of prince Charles to become the Monarch.In favour of abolishing the Royal Family and the Monarchy.
Against NATO.Stay in NATO but call for the expulsion of Turkey and inclusion of Taiwan in the alliance.In favour of NATO.
Against or sceptical of Britain fighting in World War 2.Avoid the Subject of World War 2 altogether in public or discussions. Respect the fallen during Remembrance Day.Fiercely admire Churchill and would say that Britain should have joined World War 2 earlier.
Sympathetic to Russia and Vladimir Putin.Avoid the Subject of Russia or Vladimir Putin in public or in private discussions.Fiercely against Vladimir Putin and see Russia as the Soviet Union still.
In favour of neoliberal IEA free market economic policies.Against liberal free market |economic policies and for rightwing populist economic policies.Take the centrist Tim Harford/ Financial Times/Rishi Sunak view on economic matters.
Against the Furlough scheme.Reduce the amount of money from the Furlough Scheme and abolish after June 21st.In favour of the Furlough scheme.
Believes that money is speech and that candidates should be allowed to raise as much money as they can.Allow unrestricted amounts of donations to political candidates but ensure 100% transparency on donations.Against unrestricted donations and big amounts of money in politics.
Believes that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump by Biden due to widespread fraud.Avoid the subject of the 2020 election altogether. Ensure and promote measures that will limit voter fraud in future.Believes that Biden won the 2020 election and that Trumps claims about fraud are nonsense.
Free Market monetarist who believes that controlling inflation is more important than unemployment.Adopt the moderate position that because we are in an unprecedented pandemic or financial crisis higher levels of government intervention are necessary but must be removed and reduced in normal times.Tory Keynesian in favour of Rishinomics and believes that controlling unemployment is more important than inflation.
Pro-Capital punishment.Bring back Capital Punishment but only for high treason and piracy which was abolished in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.Against Capital Punishment.
Wants light regulation and to abolish all Covid restrictions afterwards.Reduce most regulations and red tape especially on Covid-19 but maintain stockpiles for future pandemics and heavily invest in vaccination programmes.Wants to maintain the status quo on legislation and most regulations.
Wants UK citizens to have the right to bear arms through legislation.Abolish all laws on knifes control that have been attempted to be brought in and allow more households to own fire-arms for burglary protection. Repeal all laws criminalising self-defence.Firmly in favour of gun control and the status quo on legislation in the UK.
In favour of reducing the number of people who go to universities and privatising them.Introduce more Technical Colleges and abolish price controls on University courses and abolish government provided student loans for all subjects apart from STEM, Law, Economics and Medicine.In favour of maintaining the status quo on Universities.
Against British Summer Time, favouring GMT all year round.Maintain the status quo on Legislation.Against Greenwich Mean Time and in favour of British Summer Time all year round.
Against Gay Marriage.Prevent Christian bakers and Churches from having to cater for gay marriages or the adoption of positions they don’t hold.In favour of maintaining the status quo on legislation.
In favour of abolishing elections and installing a Dictator/CEO/ absolute Monarch along Neo reactionary lines.Preserve the First Past the Post System but introduce a none of the below option and where all seats where ‘None Of The Below’ tops the poll, all the losing parties and candidates should be prevented from standing in the rerun which would then be held a month later.Wants to replace FPTP with proportional Representation or the alternative vote system.
In favour of abolishing the Triple Lock Pension.Reduce the Triple Lock Pension system to a double Lock system where the pension rises each year by either the annual price inflation, or average earnings growth, but not the guaranteed 2.5% minimum.In favour of the Triple Lock Pension.
Repeal the Fixed-Term Parliament Act.Support the Tories in trying to repeal the Fixed Term Parliament Act.In favour of keeping the Fixed Term Parliament Act.
Abolish the life peerage system, repeal the House of Lords Act to allow more than 92 hereditary peers to sit in the House of Lords.Maintain the status quo on legislation to do with the House of Lords.For abolishing the House of Lords and replacing it with an elected second chamber.
Abolish Local government, counties and their legislative function.Reform local government, counties and their legislative functions.Against the destruction of local government and counties and their legislative function.
Against the right to strike for public employees.Against the right to strike for public employees.For the right to strike for public employees.
In favour of no platforming leftists, Communists, Islamists and other non right-wing parties.Against no platforming.Indifferent to no platforming and on occasions supportive of it in extreme cases.
Against the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece.Return one or two Elgin Marble statues to Greece.For the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece.
Against bank bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis.In favour of the Bank Bailouts but with conditions for the bankers attached and also to make sure that money is attached.For bank bailouts during the 2008 financial crisis.
Women and transgender individuals should not be allowed to serve in the military.Transgender individuals should not be allowed to serve in the military but allow women.Anyone over the age of 18 should be allowed to serve in the military.
Abolish the minimum wage.Keep the minimum wage the same and let inflation reduce the damage it does to employment.Raise the minimum wage.
Privatise the Social Security system.Partially-privatise social security.Maintain the status quo on the countries Social Security system.
Deport all illegal immigrants from the United States and the UK.Secure the Mexican border and the English Channel. Then once this is done, grant one amnesty to all illegal immigrants in the USA and UK. Deport any illegal immigrants who commits a crime no matter how small and don’t let anyone cross the border illegally from then on.Grant amnesty to all children below the age of 18 who crossed the border illegally without doing anything or little to secure the Mexican border.
Introduce slave like conditions in prison and use corporal punishment and violence to punish transgressive prisoners.Introduce more harsher prison punishments in the form of arduous labour, deprivation of luxuries and comforts. The legal position of prison officers would have to be altered, so that their authority, and ability to exercise it, is restored. Remission and early release should once again be dependent entirely on good behaviour, and never automatic.Maintain the status quo in prisons.
Bring back corporal punishment in schools.Give schools absolute power of expulsion, probably to special schools with the power to detain unruly pupils at evenings and weekends.Maintain the status quo on punishments and discipline in school.
Holds favourable views on Jeremy Clarkson, Enoch Powell and Nigel Farage.Avoid discussion of these individuals.Holds unfavourable views on Jeremy Clarkson, Enoch Powell and Nigel Farage.
Promotion of traditional values, civility, self-restraint, deferred gratification.Encourage civility and manners by teaching children in the education system.Indifferent to the social fabric or cultural state of Britain.
Repeal the Equalities Act as first step towards restoring the Christian and Conservative aspects of British society which have been lost.Do NOT immediately repeal of the Equalities Act. Institutions such as the BBC, the press, NGOs and the establishment in general must be neutered or brought on side before the most cherished legislation passed by New Labour in Britain has been repealed.Maintain the Status quo on legislation.
Believes in the Cathedral and that it often executes many conspiracies and plans to survive and eliminate its enemies consciously.We should be sceptical of the idea of the Cathedral and think about any flaws in the idea. But we should always assume emergent behaviour and stupidity unless hard evidence demonstrates an active conspiracy for nefarious purposes.Believes that the concept of the Cathedral is nonsense and doesn’t believe in any conspiracy theories and condemns those who do. And believes that everything is due to emerged behaviour.
In favour of private or a harsh penal state prison system.Support the Tories in their effort to introduce more tougher sentencing for prisoners and encourage them to go further.In favour of maintaining the status quo in terms of the prison system.

Policy Disagreements, Without a Compromise

Hardcore Right wing position Moderate Right-wing Position
For introducing Voter ID laws.Against introducing Voter ID laws.
Against HS2.For HS2.
Against nationalising the railways, electricity generation and distribution, steel (If necessary during war), the post-office and the water industry.Peter Hitchens/Andrew Martin position. For nationalising the railways, electricity generation and distribution, steel (If necessary during war), the post office and the water industry.
For heavy regulation against Big Tech to protect the free speech of right-wingers or in some cases for breakingup big Tech.Against Regulation of Big Tech. They maintain that Tech Companies are private companies who can ban whoever they like.
Isolationist and doesn’t care about Israel.Zionist and Pro-Israel to a varying degrees.
For a cold war with China including boycotts, sanctions and protectionism against China.For maintaining the status quo of free trade and importation of Chinese manufacturing goods but condemns treatment of Uyghurs and Hong Kong.
Advocate for mens rights /Anti feminist.Second Wave feminists/Third Wave Feminists.
Against the Iran Nuclear Deal.For the Iran Nuclear Deal.
Against the UK and US special relationship.In favour of the UK and US special relationship.
For a written constitution.Wants to Preserve the unwritten constitution.
In favour of anonymity for those who haven’t been charged of a sexual offence crime but have been accused and against anonymity for the accuser.Against anonymity to those who haven’t been charged of a sexual offence crime but have been accused and for anonymity for the accuser.
Against referendums.In favour of referendums.
In favour of curtailing the powers of social workers.Against curtailing the powers of social workers.
Against ambulance chasing lawyers and in favour of a robust, risk-taking adult society.In favour of ambulance chasing lawyers and a risk-averse health and safety despotism.
Against regionalisation and localism.In favour of regionalisation and localism. Like a federal system for Britain (see: USA).
In favour of repealing the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 and granting the Lord Chancellor his previous powers to prevent the hollowing out by Labour and the Tories of the system of justice which has left law and order hanging by a thread.Against repealing the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 and granting the Lord Chancellor his previous powers.
Against the separation of powers.For the Separation of Powers.
Against Britain to joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.In favour of Britain joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
In favour of austerity to reduce the budget deficit after recessions.Against austerity measures and in favour of Keynesian Rishinomics and investment in infrastructure.
The USA should be allowed to fly drones to assassinate suspected terrorists and also state enemies such as Qasem Solemani.The USA should not be allowed to fly drones to assassinate suspected terrorists and also state enemies such as Qasem Solemani.
Depoliticise, reform and overhaul the service by introducing more qualified people with specialist knowledge for the jobs in Government.Keep the Civil Service how it is.
Against net neutrality.For net neutrality.
Against the United Nations.For the United Nations.
Firmly against the DAVOS/World Economic Forum/Klaus Schwab Fourth Industrial Revolution.For the DAVOS/World Economic Forum/Klaus Schwab Fourth Industrial Revolution.
In favour of centralising power to central government.In favour of more localism for local governments with fiscal autonomy.
Against a DNA database for the state use.For a DNA database to catch criminals and solve miscarriages of justice
They are firmly against the Outer Party such as the Republican or Conservative Party in the USA and UK.They support the Outer Party such as the Republican or Conservative Party in the USA and UK.
Against the Prevent strategy which aims at stopping people from becoming terrorists or sympathising with terrorists because they fear it has and will be used to much against the dissident right.For the Prevent strategy to stop people from becoming terrorists or terrorist sympathisers because they seek to stop the spread of Islamic Extremism and stop Islamic terrorist attacks.
In favour of using anti-social behaviour orders to combat intimidation, drunkenness, and violence in society.Against using anti-social behaviour orders to combat intimidation, drunkenness, and violence in society on civil liberty grounds.
In favour of pre-charge detention for terrorist suspects to combat Islamic terrorism.Against pre-charge detention for terrorist suspects on civil liberty grounds.
In favour of secret trials in exceptional circumstances to protect sensitive intelligence being used as evidence against the terror suspects.Against the use of secret trials in exceptional circumstances to protect sensitive intelligence being used as evidence agains the terror suspects.
In favour of identity cards.Against identity cards.
In favour of allowing people to use mosquito alarms to repel young delinquents.Against allowing people to use mosquito alarms to repel young delinquents on civil liberty grounds.
Against control orders which restrict an individual's liberty for the purpose of "protecting members of the public from a risk of terrorism” because of a fear it will be used on them.In favour of control orders which restrict an individual's liberty for the purpose of "protecting members of the public from a risk of terrorism” to combat Islamic terrorism and extremism.
In favour of intercept evidence which is the covert interception of private messages (whether via phone, post or email) by police and intelligence services to combat terrorism.Against intercept evidence which is the covert interception of private messages (whether via phone, post or email) by police and intelligence services on civil liberty grounds.
In favour of anti-Islamic extremism measures such as closing the bank accounts of suspected terrorists and extremists, banning Islamic extremist groups and other measures.Against anti-Islamic extremism measures such as closing the bank accounts of suspected terrorists and extremists, banning Islamic extremist groups and other measures because they go to far in curbing civil liberties.
In favour of rendition which is the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners to combat Islamic terrorism.Against the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners on civil liberty grounds.
For the continuation of Guantanamo Bay.Against the continuation of Guantanamo Bay.
In favour of banning the burkaAgainst banning the burka on civil liberty grounds.
In favour of banning E-scootersAgainst banning E-scooters because that would be state interference in the free market.
In favour of fracking to gain cheap energyAgainst fracking on environmental grounds.
Against the right to strike for public sector employeesFor the right to strike for public sector employees.
Anti-Western due to how liberalised the Western World isPro-Western because they believe it is the greatest civilisation and superior to all other cultures.

Other ideas

  • Replace Value Added Tax with a local sales tax, set by local councils.
  • Mandatory by-elections for MPs who switch parties.
  • Imprison Tony Blair for war crimes.
  • Oh-Wine's interesting manifesto and interesting points from Al Shire Tory’s stream.


  • The Abolition of Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.
  • Rent controls will be prohibited.
  • Rules will be put to prohibit a cashless society to preserve hard currency.
  • The Foreign Aid budget will be slashed by half to 0.35% of GDP and the aid will be provided directly via UK charities and companies rather than to be given to governments of other developing nations. The idea here is that Britain will say "look we will sponsor programs in your nation but the British will provide it directly not by any of the institutions or governments.
  • A national wealth survey will be conducted annually focusing upon disposable incomes of the nation separating out demographics to allow the public administers to address where needed. Disposable income is a metric we should be measuring.
  • A full review of market regulations with a view of freeing markets. Basically get rid of useless regulations that don’t need to exist.
  • Corporation tax would be frozen.
  • Business rates will be abolished and there will be a new tax put in place which will be focusing on big business rather than small business.


  • Restrictions on the number of houses that can be transformed into apartments especially for historical townhouses.
  • First-time buyers will not be subject to any stamp duty or any kind of a taxation or tariff set by government upon their first property. This will then incentivize the market to find first-time buyers because they get to keep more of the profit.
  • Affordable housing tariffs will be abolished. Affordable housing encourages poor housing quality and also increases the prices of housing.


  • Party peerage in the House of Lords will be abolished. The Lords should be bipartisan and an advisory chamber. A system of nomination will take place where MPs or the public may nominate an individual who will then be reviewed by two commissions made up lord seniors. It will be presented to his/her majesty or the Lord Protector of the Constitution.
  • The Lord Protector of the Constitution will be selected by the Monarch, which will act as a compromise between the historical chamberlain, the more modern supreme court and the Constitution.
  • The LP will be advised by the privy council or the national council of senior judges. He’ll be acting as medium between the two and the government between the three. The idea is the LP is independent of government or party politics, and is there purely to defend the Constitution from being subverted or overruled. He has a veto, can advise the monarch upon a veto, can send policy back to be amended, recommend amendment to a policy (as could the Lords) within the legal framework of the common law.
  • Bring back the Law Lords.
  • Abolish devolved powers and return to the old county borough system, to give more powers to them.
  • Abolish the Supreme Court.
  • Introduce designated Acts of Constitution which would be given higher status over certain laws. It would then be possible to legally challenge a new law against an act of Constitution and say "look this breaches this act of Constitution".
  • Reintroduction of the UK Bill of Rights.
  • Legalisation of marijuana but introduce harder punishments for harder drugs. Prostitution maybe should be legal.
  • After you’ve been proven innocent on a one-time offence, you can apply to have it’s stricken from the record entirely.
  • Ban the burka, same as the Danish law.

Health and Services

  • Two commissions will be set up regarding the reorganisation of the NHS. One on efficiency and spending and the other on services and strategy.
  • Re-introduce colour-blind policing and get rid of the Macpherson Report.
  • Ban all Critical Race Theory in all government institution.
  • Re-introduce more local policing and it will be more stringent. Bring back local police stations and bring back village primary schools and more post offices.
  • Health boards will be fully integrated into local authorities as to improve efficiency and control funding application, but also take out unnecessary middle positions which slow down the response process. I find it quite ridiculous that the health boards are independent.

Foreign and Defence

  • Introduce Commonwealth joint naval command. CANZUK should unite their navy. The Naval network could cover the entire globe as the Royal Navy would have in the past.


  • Once married couples will be treated as one single tax entity. So a couple will share all their taxation so their income tax be determined on their combined income.
  • Pro-natal policies will be introduced to encourage more native born children. Children by law would be primarily the responsibility of the state.
  • Education on the benefits of strong family unit encouraging this will save money for the individual which will go towards creating the Burkean society of platoons.
  • Ban hormone treatment for under 16 year olds unless they are medical diagnosed as a hermaphrodite.
  • Introduce a soft Section 28 preventing teachers from saying it is preferable to be homosexual or transgender but not banning the discussion of or objecting some students choosing their sexual orientation.
  • The Curriculum would be completely rewritten and replaced with more classical education.
  • Go back to Pre-Blair era laws of leaving school at 16.
  • Limit classroom sizes to below 30 pupils.
  • Teaching must be tailored to the more practical learning style of men and the more academic style of women. Teaching needs to be flexible.


  • All welfare to be replaced by the Negative Income Tax.
  • Welfare is too reliant upon the taxpayer so streamline and make welfare more stringent. This will lower immigration, bring people out of poverty in the long term. Change incentives to encourage self-reliance and the creation of strong, stable families.
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