Proudly Welsh, staunchly British. Hailing from humble West Wales, born into a family of farmers, builders and Publicans. Owain has had the Welsh Idea of "Hiraeth" (Romanticism of Home) baked into him from birth. Growing up in a strong community that slowly deteriorated as he grew older inspired a drive to rebuild the village communities that helped to nurture and build Britain and right the wrongs done to them by poor central planning.

Owain is an ideas man filled to the brim with ambitious schemes, this Ironically led him to train as a Part I Architect and Town Planner. Alongside this he has a keen interest in History which he wishes to pursue and In this en-devour has created the Foundations Podcast a series of shows chronicling the History of Architecture.

Owain's political views can be summed up as Classically Liberal with a Burkian edge. Strongly espousing the ideas of "The Society of Platoons" and "The Burkian Social Contract", He has been a member of the Conservative Party for 6 years and wishes to revitalize a Burkian spirit within the Party. As a proud Welshman and Brit, Owain has a phrase he likes to use...

Brythoniad ni Gyd - Britons we All


Harry is a Catholic private school boy with a background in science. Through his studies he came to a methodology where direct results from measurable variables matter more than anything. During his university studies the EU referendum was in progress, noticing the endless push to stay in the EU from the university culture Harry was interested in taking his own look, and with the results from variables mindset concluded Brexit was the better choice. 

Post university and with a newfound interest in politics and current events Harry read into subjects he was less informed on, such as philosophy, economics and history. During his reading he took up the hobby of creating videos for YouTube, starting by covering environmental issues and moving onto current events and putting forward his ideas to overcome issues. Harry was also involved in organising events for the Liberalists such as the Free-Dankula protest and member meetups. 

Harry is a Liberal in the classical sense, believing natural rights, the right to life, liberty and property, are the only rights that should be upheld. Harry believes the only obligation from the government is to uphold these rights and defend the country's borders by means of a military and justice system. Harry believes interference by the government in the economy and personal morals should be limited so as to allow as full autonomy to individuals as possible.


A boomer in the body of a millenial. Raised in one of the most impoverished council estates in the country and with the spectre of milk-stealer Thatcher still lingering in the recent past, John came to the conclusion that socialism represented the best opportunity for the working man to realise his destiny. 

Though his conservative Christian upbringing always rankled with socialism's social aspects It wasn't until studying accountancy and becoming interested in economics that he came to the realisation that the fiscal socialist lifeline he'd venerated for the poor was, in fact, a gilded cage, depriving individuals of self-determination and undermining the incentives provided by success. 

John would describe himself as something of a cross between a Powellite and a paleo-libertarian. He'd like to see the Conservative party strongly support the family unit and adopt other fiscally and socially conservative policies and practices which they appear to have abandoned in favour of Blairite style social Marxism and fiscal impropriety.


Born to a working-class family in a middle-class environment and the youngest of four children, Callum would come to have a strong appreciation for the values of family, hard work, and loyalty as the world around him constantly contrasted his home life. 

Raised in a labour household, Callum was originally on a path to be your average working-class old left labour voter, socially conservative and aggressively patriotic but economically socialist. This would change however as he became more politically engaged in his late teens and early twenties, coming to value the insights of classical liberal, conservative, and most importantly libertarian and anarchist voices of the 20th century, perhaps most importantly the Austrian school of Economics. By his early 20's, Callum would come to embrace an Anglocentric Anarcho-Capitalism, combining the Anglo-Conservatism of the likes of Enoch Powell with the Paleo-Libertarian Anarcho-Capitalism of Murray Rothbard and Hans Hermann-Hoppe. 

Callum generally does not support a political party but has shown some minor interest in supporting free-market conservative parties and more right-leaning libertarian parties, provided they can meet certain criteria vital to the culture war going forward.


Alan is a traditional conservative, economically to the right and very socially to the right. He feels that conservatism within the Conservative party is running on fumes, it’s time to re-energise and conduct ourselves as conservatives. 

He hopes to find a new project or vision that the right in this country can get behind which would benefit the country hugely against the unwavering assault by the progressive world order who are at constant war with reality. 

We must look to ourselves for support and inspiration and we must be able to root out those who do not want us to succeed.


Hailing from the Midlands countryside, he was a conservative by default until attending university, where as might be expected his views were challenged continuously. He developed a keen interest in ideas, and their associated history, as a reaction to this. 

In the years since, Jonathan has gained experience in the tech sector and a renewed fascination with science and technology, the things that sent him into higher education in the first place. Combining these areas of interest has given him a unique insight into where we are right now and where we might possibly go in the future.

Jonathan's personal philosophy is pulled in three directions: 

  • Firstly, towards the English traditional life that defined his upbringing and much of what he enjoys about his country
  • Secondly, towards the individual liberty he has come to appreciate now that he is seeking his fortune.
  • Finally, a technological grand vision involving man among the stars.


Originally indifferent about politics, Michael had his eyes opened to the madness that was to come when a huge political and cultural shift happened during the Brexit referendum. Overnight, his social media went from photos of pets and holidays to huge essays about how anyone who voted for Brexit was a racist idiot. 

Michael has since gone on to become interested in Western politics, culture, and history. He has discovered and enjoyed content from the likes of Joe Rogan, Sargon of Akkad, Jordan Peterson and many more. He has gone from someone who never really thought about anything apart from the present moment to a person who values self-improvement, cultural history and traditions, freedom, and personal responsibility. Michael can summarise his values as follows:

  • English traditionalism, that being a love of the country, culture and history of England whilst also accepting and learning from its flaws.
  • Individual freedom and just as importantly the responsibility that comes with it, believing we should be free to make our own choices and path in life whilst also taking responsibility for those choices instead of leaning on authorities or the state to save us whilst also taking away our freedom.
  • Finally, simply wanting to be left alone.
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